July Tipi Wedding

On a cold, wet, windy August day the only option to remind us that we did briefly have a Summer is to look back at some photographs from one of our early July weddings.

Anna and James had originally attended one of our Bridal Flower Open Days at which they outlined the plans for their wedding which was to take place at Duncton Mill, a beautiful location on the West Sussex border. They were to have an outdoor ceremony conducted by a family member followed by a reception in a tipi next to the lake.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding Anna and James worked tirelessly to create the wedding of their dreams with the flowers being an integral part of their plans. Their brief was for us to create a look which reflected the outdoor theme of the wedding using primarily country meadow style flowers. Anna wished her bouquet to be made from the same flowers with bouquets of just daisies for the Bridesmaids. The buttonholes were then made from a mixed selection of flowers and bound with natural raffia. Jam jars were attached to shepherds crooks to line the aisle and were also placed along the guest tables in the tipi.

As you will see from the photographs below taken by Zara Price Photography the overall finished look was stunning and a testament to all the hard work by everyone involved. Following the wedding we received these lovely words from Anna


What can I say! The flowers were absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all your time helping me and for helping on the day. James said that it was all very rushed on the morning and he could not have done it without you!

Warmest regards,

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