How to Order

Ordering from Bridal Flowers Direct is easy – simply call us, send us an email or complete the ‘Your Wedding Enquiry’ form

Having trialled ‘on-line’ shopping for wholesale quantities and realising how impersonal it is, we decided that only the personal touch will do when organising the flowers for your Wedding

Our staff are extremely knowledgeable about the industry they work in and can give you the expert advice that is only available from a one to one conversation. Furthermore, they are also extremely passionate about flowers and weddings and are happy to offer as much or as little advice as you need.

Please visit our ‘Contact Page’

8 thoughts on “How to Order

  1. Hi.
    I am getting arried on 26 th April of this year. I am arranging the flowers myself would like to purchase around 60 talea roses toether 25 sprigs of gypsophyla in order to do so. I would be grateful if you could me know if this is something you could assist with and, if so, how mutch would . I am local being based in Waterlooville

    Many thanks. Pamela

    • Hi Pamela
      Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and yes, that is certainly something we could help you with. Talea Roses are sold in bunches of 20 stems and currently cost £18.75 per bunch. Gypsophila is sold in bunches of 25 stems at a current cost of £22.00 per bunch. Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. If you wish to place an order please either call me on 023 9259 1422 or email me
      I hope this is all of help and look forward to hearing from you. Best regards Sally

  2. Good evening,

    I would like some help with ordering a wedding bouquet for my wedding in August. I have see a picture I absolutely love, picture 010. I would like a micture of purples and pinks. Can you help? Can you tell me how much picture 010 is likely to cost.

  3. Hi,

    I’m getting married at the end of May and was hoping to have a small bouquet of sweet peas.

    Is this something you could help with and how much would it be?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sarah.
      Thank you for your message and this is certainly something we could help with. We could supply a bouquet of £50 stems of Sweet Peas for £60.00. This would be for all one single colour or we could make it with mixed colours but there would be no choice in the mixture included I am afraid as it would depend on how the grower packs them. This price includes VAT and assumes you are close enough to us to collect the bouquet. I hope this is of further help and please do give me a call on 023 9259 1422 if you wish to discuss further. Best wishes Sally

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