Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Nursery Fresh Ltd. is a privately owned wholesale Flower  company which offers  Cut Flowers and Arrangements for sale to  Florists, Flower Arrangers and the public in general throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide a high quality product which is suited to use and will enhance the sales of our customers and the environment of the consumer.

Nursery Fresh Ltd recognises the impact of its business activities and that good environmental management is essential.

We have a commitment to good environmental practice and continual improvement which forms an integral part of our long term business strategy.

Nursery Fresh Ltd. will comply with environmental legislation and where possible to codes of good practice.

Key Focus will be:

• Identify environmental aspects and prioritise action to reduce their impact where possible.

• Monitor and review energy consumption and where possible reduce inputs

• Minimise waste streams and promote recycling wherever possible, in particular, encouraging customers to return cardboard boxes for recycling.

• Raise awareness of the environment amongst our employees through training, and   communication of environmental targets and performance

• Undertake regular management reviews to ensure that our EMS remains effective

• Where possible use suppliers who are environmentally aware

This policy will be reviewed annually and progress reported to staff, this information and other relevant documents will be made available to all our staff and this statement will be posted on our web site.

Sally Waddington

Managing Director

1st January 2014

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